Friday, Sept. 23, 2011
Welcome to the Erin's Day website. Our mission here at Erin's Day is three fold. Our first goal is to increase awareness about FOP or Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva. We believe the more people who know about this disease the better chance we have of gaining support in our fight against it.

Our second mission is joined at the hip with the first - FUNDRAISING. Unfortunately research costs money. We are fortunate to have the best doctors and researchers in the world working tirelessly on a cure for FOP, and, they have made great strides in identifying the gene which causes FOP. However, the reality is that research needs funding. So we here at Erin's Day are trying to do our part.

The third mission here at Erin's Day is to support families living with FOP. Make no mistake, when a child is diagnosed with FOP, the entire family lives with the struggle against it. Supporting our families is just as important as funding the research.

We here at Erin's Day hold annual fundraising events. Last year we held a golf tournament and our annual "Cut-a'Thon" hosted by Cappriccio Salon and Day Spa. The results were OUTSTANDING! We raised quite a bit of money to continue to fund Dr. Kaplan and his associates in our fight against FOP.

Erin turns 13 this year and continues her fight. Please look around our website, learn about FOP, Learn about Erin, and join us in our fight to ensure she has every chance to experience a cure.